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Dear Sheila,

The dress arrived yesterday and is beautiful!  Thank you so much.   

Eleanor is so chuffed - and I can't wait to see her wear it on ice.

We feel so lucky to have such a wonderful dress.

Best Wishes

Helen Valentine

Neuhaeusgen, Luxembourg

Hello again!

The dress is here and it is very beautiful. It is a perfect fit and it looks fantastic. Thank you for everything. We will buy your from company again!

Best regards,

Siiri and Noora Vahvaselkä-Lahtinen


September 2012

We got the dress today.  It is everything and more that I had hoped it would be.  Amazing!  I think it fits Amanda beautifully, the coaches are very happy with her dress.  They didn't have any adjustments, which was shocking lol.    Thank you so much for everything!!!!! I'm so relieved and happy.  Amanda loves it!

Aundrea Feltham :)

Vice President  

Connaught Skating Club  Richmond B.C., Canada

August 2012

The dress arrived to day, it is beautiful, Frida is very pleased, It fits perfectly. Thank you very much, vi will send you a photo in action later on. Now we are going to France on summer holiday and Frida will go  to a figure skating camp in Courchevel France.
Best regards
Anne and Frida Carlsson, Floda, Sweden  July 2012


The dress arrived today; it is a perfect fit and it looks fantastic!

Will send a pic or two eventually.

Thanks very much!

Mandi Geisler, Vancouver, Canada  July 2012

Got the dress!  Nicole wore it for practice and her coach loved, loved it!  Nicole and I do too.  Its perfect, just like the other two!

Thank you!

 She competes April 22, so will send you pictures.

thank you

Linda Luna,  San Diego, California  April 2012

The dress arrived today.  It's really beautiful!  My daughter loves it.  The coach loves it.  It fits well and you did a wonderful job with the dye.  I think it is just right for the music and choreography.  When we get a good video, I'll send a link so you can see it in action.  I'm sure we'll get asked about this one!  Thanks so much.

Denise Kamradt
Thousand Oaks California  April 2012

Thank you so much for getting the dresses to us so quickly!  Anna loves them and can't wait to wear them tomorrow for competition : )  The blue dress is very cute, thanks so much for your help and suggestions.  The Spanish dress looks great too.  I think it needs some crystals on the top, but I can do that myself.  Thanks again!  Have a good weekend. 

 Mary Teutsch, Winchester, Virginia  Feb.2012

The dresses are awesome.  We are so happy with the quality and workmanship.  Only a few minor alterations have to be made to the sleeves, but that's just fine-everything else is great.  

Thank you so much.  Hopefully we can send some business your way. 

Melissa Rosenberg,  Coral Springs, Florida  February 2012

The black-and-white dress is gorgeous!!!  Arista couldn't wait to put it on.  It is just so beautiful, so sharp.  And you have won the coach over...she loved it!  The beadwork is outstanding.  Others at the rink also marveled at how beautiful it is.  You are an amazing dress designer.  We feel privileged to have worked with you on this dress.  Thank you.  

Shirley Lee, LaSalle, Ontario, Canada  January 2012

The dress has arrived!  Arista LOVES it!  She wants me to let you know that she loves EVERYTHING about the dress, particularly the sequined "rope" along the collar.  It's amazing.  It fits her perfectly.  Your attention to details (such as the gold lining on the skirt, and the sequins on the collar) was beyond my expectation.  It looks so sharp, yet it remains innocent for her age.  Thanks so much. 

Shirley and Arista  Ontario, Canada   November 2009

Just to let you know that i received my dress today and it is gorgeous and fits like a glove. I cannot wait to wear it tomorrow. I am hoping that i will be in a position to order at least another two (although i could quite easily order everything - if i was rich) in the next few months.

Thanks for sending it out so quickly,

Take Care

Jane Cripps, United Kingdom    September 09

OMG ---- it is absolutely beautiful.  Anastasia received her dress yesterday and she is soooo thrilled with it; she loves it. She put it on and it fits her perfectly and it looks beautiful on her.  The colour even matches her eyes.  She will really sparkle on the ice. Thank you so much for all your work and getting it done so quickly for her.

Talk to you soon.  We will have to start planning for the next dress.

My best to you and your family.


Mississauga, Ontario      July 17, 2009

     I got the dress and the dress is amazing!    My daughter loves her dress.  We will definitly buy from your company again.   Thanks.

Yasmin Loynaz, Winchester, Virginia     July 2009

I received the parcel last Thurs. I felt really really grateful that you made so much efforts in getting it done for me in time!  The dress looks really nice and the combination seems really good!   By the way the chiffon looks even better than I expected! The dress fits perfectly although I wish I could be more fit to look even better in it.

Yes I really love it! Thank you so much for all your efforts Shei!  Hope there will be more skaters to know about your production and come to you for your designs!

best regards

May Tang      Hong Kong,  April 2009

We received the dress on Friday and it looks great. My daughter loves it! Thanks again and have a great day.

Kelley Jordison,  Ohio, April 2009

We picked the dress last saturday and it fits just perfect, my girl loves it and it was as seen in the picture.

 We´re extremly satisfied with your work and commitment and the quality of the materials that were used.

Thanks a lot

Carolina Ramonde, San Pedro Garza Garcia, Mexico Feb.09

I received the ice skating dress Tiana NS 635 a few days ago and I wanted to thank you very much.  The dress is gorgeous and it fits perfectly.  My daughter has a competition on March 15th and she will be performing to the music "A Whole New World" from Aladdin and the dress matches the song.  Thank you very much,

Sandra Corredeira, Hialeah, Florida  Feb.09

We received the dress last week.  I must admit it's really gorgeous.  My daughter really likes it and the fitting is perfect.

Elizabeth Leong, San Diego, CA   Feb.09

I have been meaning to email you since last Sunday.  It is gorgeous, her coach was pretty pleased.  Her coach and another mom asked me for your website, so don't be totally surprised if someday you get another contact from Fargo!  Anyway, thanks for the pretty dress, you did a great job with it and she really loved it. 

Carrie Cwikla, Fargo, North Dakota  Jan.09

I just got the dress and it is more than perfect.  It is better and more beautiful than I could have imagined,  my daughter doesn't want to take it off.  It was hard to imagine how the pink flowers would come out but now I understand the work that goes into a dress like this.  I will be referring you to all my friends at the skating club and will post your cards also.  Just having my daughter skate with this dress will speak for itself and I am sure that I will have people ask many questions on where I bought this dress.   Thank you again and will e-mail soon for another dress.

Linda Courchesne, Orleans, Ontario, Canada  Nov..08

Just wanted to let you know how well the dresses you made for me did at the ISI Adult

Championships in San Francisco earlier this month. I skated my ice show program for Artististic and got a first place. That was the "Unchained Melody" From Ghost. I got so many compliments on this dress, both at the ice show and at this competition. I was in a"zone" and skated this program the best I ever did. I got a second place with my fs solo to "Dream On" in the unitard you made for me. I got a third in light entertainment spotlight- which was the "Sweeney Todd" program. This is another dress that for which I receive many compliments. Total strangers were taking photos of me in this dress!

 Take care.

 Barb Foley  Oct.21, 2008

I'm not sure, if I answered already, but anyway thank you very much for the dress. It's very beautiful ja I'm sure my daugter is very satisfied. She'll be at home on Wednesday, she is in Germany with her class. The first competition will be in October. She'll look great with her new dresss.

Thank you!

 Kirsi Happonen, Finland.  September 22, 2008

We received the skating dress today, and it is absolutely gorgeous, and fits perfectly.

Thanks so much!

Jill Polley, Sydney Australia.    September 15, 2008

Thanks a lot for the beautiful and lovely dress for Lara. She is very happy, it is the best looking dress she ever had! We will order you a new dress for the new short programe in summer.

Kind regards from Switzerland

Barbara Pichler Mierisch,  Switzerland.    May 23, 2008

The dress arrived yesterday and it is sooo beautiful.  Natasha just loves it and it is a perfect fit.  Thankyou so much for everything.

Kristina Erzetic,   Mt.Waverley, Australia      May 2008

When I got home I found my new dress and practice pants on my doorstep, I was so excited! I had of course seen the pictures you had sent, but was blown away when I saw the dress, it is absolutely stunning!   I of course tried it on immediately and was sooooo happy with the fit, it was perfect! My children even gave me a standing ovation when I did my "supermodel" walk down the hall.   Both kids said they loved!   My son says if he was a girl he would wear it, and my daughter asked if you have any in her size!   I havent had a chance to show it to my coach but I am sure she will love it, I will have her take some pictures of me in the dress and send you some. I placed the extra business cards in my skate bag because I am sure people will be asking where I got such a beautiful dress.

The pants were perfect, they are the exact same material as my favorite ones and fit great. The only difference I could find are the ones I currently have are very tapered at the are that covers the boot making it very tight, I like yours better, they look nicer!

I am extremely happy, and can't wait to work with you again!

Sonia Juskowiak,  Mesa, Arizona            April 2008

Shailyn came home today and was so excited to see the dress.  She couldn't wait to put it on and once she was in it, she wanted to stay in it.  I have to tell you, I wrote you yesterday and told you the dress was BEYOND GORGEOUS, well, let me tell you something, there are absolutely no words to describe how BEAUTIFUL the dress really is on Shailyn.  It truly is the MOST BEAUTIFUL DRESS I HAVE EVER SEEN.  It truly is an amazing dress.  I cannot thank you enough.  I have to honestly tell you that on Shailyn that dress looks like it was made just for her and I know it was but I mean the colors, the style, the fit, it is so her.  She looks like she stepped out of a catalogue.  She wanted to sleep in it.   

My husband who will say "yes that is a pretty dress" was speechless...he said "it was prettier than any dress he has ever seen any skater wear even in the Olympics and I have to agree.  I keep trying to think of all the different dresses I have seen and this one is just one of the best.  Sorry to keep raving but I am just so happy.  I told Shailyn she is not allowed to grow until after October.  I mean she looks incredible in it.  The color is perfect for her and it will definitely look beautiful on the ice.  She loves the back and all the crystals.  She was funny; she went into her closet and closed the door and I asked what she was doing and she said "I want to see if I sparkle in the dark".  She did.  The detail with the appliques and the placement of the crystals are just perfect. 

Thanks again.  I will send pictures in a few weeks.  I want to have them done this week, if our schedule will allow.  If I can get some good ones tomorrow when she wears it to see how it feels on the ice, I may take a few.   

Have a wonderful week.

Barbara Davidson, Arlington, Washington.  March 2008

Dear Sheila - Oh My God! - that is all Jenny and I could say when the dress arrived yesterday.  Then when Brooke put it on she looked like a little doll.  It is truely a beautiful creation. Brooke, of course, started prancing around in it, she would not take it off.  Just before she and her Mom left for the rink for her lesson, she said to me that this was her jumping dress.  I was not sure what whe meant by that, but Jenny called me from the rink and told me Brooke landed on one foot with a check out, he salchow and her toe loop.  Her coach was applauding her and Brooke told her coach that she just received her princess dress for the competition.  I  can not thank you enough for all the work you put into the dress and for making my Granddaughter feel like a little princess.  Talk to you soon and of course I will send photos. 

 Julie Moylen, New Jersey, March 2008 -  Brooke is 4 years old!

The dress is absolutely GORGEOUS!  She was so excited and wore it today for her lesson!  Everyone at the rink thought it was perfect and asked me where I got it!  Hope this brings you more business.  Her coach said "It's perfect!"  I will definitely be a repeat customer!  Thanks again for the great dress.

Lori Madeline, Greenville, South Carolina Feb. 08

We received the dress and it is beautiful!!!!  It fits our daughter just perfect and just enough room for a little growth.  Thank you so much!!!   Deborah is in seventh heaven!  As soon as she had the dress on she was over the moon with happiness.  Looking forward to purchasing more of your skating dresses for Christmas, birthday and other special occasions for our daughter!

Mrs. Jamie McCallum Paisley, Scotland. Jan.2008


My dress was delivered today and it was absolutely wonderful!  Thanks a lot!

Ji Won Park Seoul, Korea Dec.2007

Wow, it is beautiful and it is a very good fit!  I took it to the rink tonight and she put it on for the last few minutes of her practice.  It looks very nice on the ice, her coach is very happy with it as well.  Allison is very pleased...I will send pictures.

Thanks again for the great service.

Louse and Allison, Vancouver, B.C. Can. Jan.2008

I just wanted to  let you know that I received the dresses on Christmas Eve.  They are absolutely beautiful and my daughter loves them.   I have to tell you, I bought the dresses for my 9 year old daughter who has been skating for a couple of years.  I also have an eleven year old daughter but she just started skating back in May.  Her coach has been trying to talk her into competing....even going as far as picking out music and such.  Well, she has been a bit reluctant......until the dresses arrived.  My daughters are just about the same size.  My oldest took one look at the periwinkle dress and begged her sister to let her try it on.  Well, long story short....my oldest has decided she will be competing in the up coming Soon State Games (wearing the periwinkle dress).  My yougest will be wearing the rose colored dress and skating to Sleeping Beauty.  Thanks again!

Elizabeth Keitges,  Oklahoma, USA  Dec.2007

The dress is so incredibly beautiful and gorgeous --thank you!

Robin Wolpert, Stillwater, MN, USA  Dec.2007

The dress looks fabulous.  Lara is very happy....

Thanks a lot!

Kind regards from Switzerland

Barbara mierisch, Switzerland  November 2007

We received the dresses yesterday - absolutely gorgeous!!!  I took a photo of one of the dresses for you.  She received endless compliments from everyone in the rink.

Will definitely come back and buy more dresses from you.  We will also need you to make her short and long program dresses next year.


Irene Chong, Australia  November 2007

Got the dress today.  I surprised Anjali at school pickup with it.  She loved it!  She wor it at practice...it looks great on the ice.  All the moms asked about you so I'm glad you enclosed your business cards.  Her competition is this Friday through Sunday I will email photos.  The color is great on her and she loves the sparkle on the sleeves.  The skirt spins very nice too!  Thanks for all your help.

Laurie Beck,Madison, WI, USA Sept.2007

We received the Spanish dress yesterday. It is so beautiful! Your design is so amazing. It looks so wonderful on my daughter, it fits perfectly. I can not wait for her to wear it next weekend for her skating competition.

Saying "thank you" does not seem like enough for all the time that went into designing and making both dresses for my daughter. You must have spent hours sewing and hand beading. The dresses are exceptionally made and the detail impeccable. Thank you also for getting them to us so quickly. We are so happy with the dresses and they are sure to bring her success on the ice.

I will surely recommend your custom services to others at our rink and area clubs. I will definitely be in touch with you again when we need more dresses made. Please let me know if I owe you anything else for making the dresses. They will be our favorites for a long time. Thanks again for everything. "


Westchester, Ohio

The dress arrived today - absolutely GORGOUS- we'll do a lot more shopping with you!  Thanks.


Burpengary, Australia

"Got the Dress! It is absolutely darling and fits Madison like a dream. I was very impressed with the construction of the garment. In a past life (before working outside the home) I use to love to sew. The Riley dress met all of my expectations and your customer service has been superb. I will sing your praises and recommend you to all our friends."

Mikki  Barrett,

South Carolina

"Hi Sheila just to let you know that I received the dress on Thursday last. The dress is absolutely fabulous and a great fit. My daughter is absolutely delighted with it. Thank you very much for all your help."

Carol Buchanan,

Cavan, Ireland


"We received the dress and it is absolutely beautiful...it fit her perfect and she won gold in the competition and has so many complements on the dress.  I told them about your website and how fast and professional your service was...I look forward to doing business with you in the future."

Christine Beauchamp,



"Skating dress arrived today and my daughter is so happy with her dress, she can't wait to wear it! Thank you so much, she said 'Mom I'm a real Ice Princess now!' "

Again Thank you and if you have new dresses, you can email me!

Gina Huygelberghs,  Belgium


I have received the dress and it is so wonderful! It fits perfectly and Gracie loves it. You did an amazing job...once again THANKS!"

Rachel Barnell,  Estero, Florida


"This dress is incredible!  Isabella is just delighted with it.  You're right, the colours are wonderful but your design elements are extraordinary as well.  The draping at the front looks lovely on her.  Thank you so much."

Jennifer Kennedy

"We received the dress today and it is absolutely beautiful.  My coach as well as everybody else who has seen it thinks it is amazing.  You do fabulous work!  Madison wore it last night while she was skating and everyone commented on how well it looked on the ice and it fits Madison perfectly.  Even the strips of pink in the fringe show up out there and I have to say even tough I thought it was a nice touch I didn't think you would really be able to see them on the ice but you do.  Thank you again."

Jodi Boisvet

"I received the dress on Friday, it is beautiful and looks great on her, I'll send you a picture.  Thanks so much."

Donna Neufeld


"I received the dresses yesterday and they are awesome!  I feel so elegant in the red dress and it really suits the program.  My Coach loves the dress as well.  I also really, really like the Hawaiian dress; you did a wonderful job!  They fit really nice.  Thank you so much again.  I will probably be asking for you to make me some more dresses in the future."

 Carly Edwards


"I am just checking in to tell you that the dresses you made for Isabella last season were exceptional! She had good success with her programs and your dress designs and seamstress work were a part of that. I have come to love the 'poodle skirt' variation particularly. Of course, she is beginning to think of new programs. I hope you will be able to do the dress designs and sewing again."

Jennifer and Isabella,  ictoria, B.C.

"We just received the Irish dress you made for my daughter Kaelyn - we are the ones in Trabuco Canyon, CA. Anyways, the dress is absolutely GORGEOUS!! It fits her beautifully, and is even prettier in person than in the picture. I just wanted you to know that we are an extremely satisfied customer - I will send you a picture of her in it after her competition. We will definitely order from you again!"

Shannon Lloyd, California

"Just wanted to thank you for the dress that you made for Mariko! She work it on her session this evening and it looks just great! Believe me there were a lot of compliments so of course I spread the word that you were the artist of this lovely creation!!!!

Thanks again!"

Sue, Vancouver, B.C.


"We got the dress yesterday, absolutely beautiful and good make.  Extremely happy with the color, the size and good packaging, and so on. Thanks heaps!  Will send you a photo once she wears it.  Looking forward to see 2007 styles soon."

Irene,   Australia

"Thank you very much for the beautiful skating dress that I ordered for my granddaughter! I haven't got to see it yet but she received it yesterday and was so pleased that she called to thank me and told me how beautiful the dress is. My daughter-in-law was very impressed and said the dress was well constructed and just beautiful. So I wish to thank you for the prompt response to my order and to let you know how pleased we are with the dress."

Barbara,   Fort Mohave, Arizona

"Thank you so much for designing Danielle's dress, she passed her Gold Interpretive test. Everyone thought it looked beautiful on her and asked who had made it. She had a lot of compliments.

Thanks once again! You've always been the best!"

Debbie,  Abbotsford, B.C.

"Devon won a First in her competition in Kamloops, according to all our club moms that were there her costume looked absolutely beautiful...and her routine was the best she had ever done! Devon must have felt very confident stepping out on to the ice in her new duds!!!

Thanks again Sheila!"


Cloverdale, B.C.



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