Style: Highland Heroine   # 13301

Sizes:  6,7,8,10,12,14               Adult - ex-small, small, medium, large   


Color:   Red Plaid with white lace as shown or  pink plaid


Custom order this design in other colors or solid fabrics, email us for choices.  


                                   Price:  Child   $169.95 US       Adult   $179.95 US    with no applique                   Currency convertor

                                                Child   $199.95 US      Adult  $209.95 US    with applique and approximately 50 crystals    

Add  extra   Swarovski crystals:   $40.00 for each 100 #20 crystals added 





Blouse and vest look coupled with a plaid skirt make a delightful Scottish look.  The body is plaid spandex, the vest black stretch velvet, sleeves are a stretch lace.  The skirt is two layers of a matching plaid stretch net for a softer moving skirt very much like chiffon. The body is lined with cotton spandex.  Sequin applique decorate the front and lower back of the vest, the dress is available with or without applique.

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